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Artists sign letter to reject Amazon palm-scanning tech at venues

Music artists are protesting against the use of Amazon palm-scanning technology at music venues. 

The technology, which allows ticketless entry into venues through the scanning of fans’ palms, has been implemented at several US venues, including the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado (pictured). 

A number of artists such as Kathleen Hanna and Tom Morello have signed an open letter opposing the technology. 

The open letter is posted on a website called ‘Amazon Doesn’t Rock’ which highlighted the technology as “convenient ticketless entry” and has called on Red Rocks, ticketing platform AXS and sports and live entertainment company AEG to “reject this dangerous and invasive technology”. 

The letter said: “For many of us, concerts and live events are some of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences of our lives. The spread of biometric surveillance tools like palm scans and facial recognition now threatens to destroy that, transforming these spaces into hotspots for ICE raids, false arrests, police harassment, and stolen identities.” 

It added: “AEG is one of the many companies that has taken a strong stand against the use of facial recognition at its festivals. Red Rocks, AXS and AEG must now go one step further and refuse palm scanning devices and all other forms of invasive biometric surveillance.

“The marginal-at-best convenience of scanning a hand instead of a ticket is no excuse for implementing technology that will exacerbate violent systems and cause harm. 

“Our privacy, safety and lives are at stake.”

Advocates of the technology have insisted that it is quick and easy to use for customers, whilst increasing security and clamping down on scalpers.

Image: Benjamin Rascoe on Unsplash

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