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France bring in mandatory mask wearing at theatres and concerts

Theatre lovers and concert-goers will have to wear face coverings in France, as mask-wearing due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has become mandatory once more. 

Mask-wearing had stopped being enforced in the country with the introduction of the health pass at the end of July. 

The health pass requires a proof of vaccination against coronavirus or a recent negative PCR test and is used for entry into public venues, transport, schools, restaurants and shops. This system will still remain in place. 

Paris, the capital of France, has also made wearing face masks mandatory outside at public gatherings. 

In a statement, the Préfecture de Police said: “Due to a 5th wave of COVID-19, the territory of Paris and its metropolitan area is currently experiencing a rapid deterioration in its epidemic indicators. The incidence rate, which was between 50 and 100 cases per 100,000 population in October, has risen sharply over the past week to 266 cases.”

The statement added: “The importance of frequent hand washing, the use of hydro-alcoholic gel, ensuring sufficient social distancing and wearing the individual protective mask, covering the nose and mouth, as often as possible, must be recalled. 

“In this context, a decree published today re-establish the compulsory wearing of a mask for all in establishments and activities even when a health pass has been required to enter them (cinemas, museums, bats and restaurants except for consuming while sitting at a table, libraries, sports halls, performances halls, fairs and exhibitions etc).” 

Image: Alexander Kagan on Unsplash