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Lovetovisit.com postpones launch

Discovery platform Lovetovisit.com, which was originally set to launch this month, has seen its introduction delayed by “just a few months”. 

The UK tech start-up was due to launch a mobile-optimised web app to help people find and book things to do in the UK, easily and all in one place. The company had invested over £3.5m ($4.7m/€4.1m) in the app, having already registered over 1,200 venues, attractions and experiences for pre-launch. 

Visitors will be able to find inspiration and book from a range of free and paid-for UK attractions, events and experiences including arts and theatres. Users will not have to leave the platform as the ticketing aspect will be integrated. 

In a statement, Lovetovisit.com said that the company was “delighted to announce that we’re postponing our launch date”. 

It continued: “You see, over the past few months, we’ve been growing from strength to strength, securing investment and building our community at a rate we couldn’t have imagined. 

“And with the momentum we’ve been building, it makes no sense to stop.

“The reality is, by postponing just a few months, Lovetovisit.com will be immeasurably better for our consumers and partners alike.” 

Image: Lovetovisit.com