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Ticketmaster Sport extends partnership with England Rugby

Ticketmaster Sport and England Rugby have announced an extension to the existing 16-year partnership already in place.

England Rugby will utilise Ticketmaster’s technology solutions which include digital ticketing, marketing support, official ticket exchange and the newly introduced tailored rugby club management technology, which means that the allocation of tickets to supporter clubs will be more efficient. 

Chris Gratton, chief operating officer, Ticketmaster Sport, said: “The relationship between Ticketmaster Sport and England Rugby is a close collaboration and we’re so proud to continue to offer England Rugby and its supporters innovative solutions built on a platform grounded in resilience. 

“At Ticketmaster, we’re focused on developing solutions that help our partners give fans a great purchase experience while driving operational efficiency and resilience. This extension means we can continue our progress with England Rugby to enhance the supporter experience and through our marketing power, introduce rugby to increasing numbers of new fans across the UK and beyond.” 

The continued partnership will also witness the development of new initiatives to attract new fans, changing the way consumers discover and purchase rugby tickets. 

England Rugby’s head of ticketing Steve Kitcher added: “While Ticketmaster has been a long-term partner of England Rugby, the continuation of this partnership is very much based on the future and how Ticketmaster can help us achieve our goals. 

“England Rugby has a varied distribution model and as we move to a fully mobile stadium, it is important we have systems in place that help make the process of both applying for and distributing tickets as efficient as possible.” 

Ticketmaster Sport also recently signed a deal with Premiership Rugby, delivering ticketing technology and marketing solutions over the next five years. 

Fans will be able to shop for and purchase tickets for Gallagher Premiership Rugby league matches and for June’s final.

The new platform launched this month to sell tickets for the Gallagher Premiership Rugby Final 2022, and to eventually sell tickets for matches across Gallagher Premiership Rugby.

Image: richard glendenning on Unsplash