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Belgian court wins battle for theatres

Theatres and cultural venues in Belgium have won an initial legal victory to reopen after the Belgian Government imposed COVID-19 restrictions, forcing them to shut.

Belgium’s supreme administrative court, The Council of State, suspended the forced closures announced by the Government to curb an increase in Omicron cases.

The victory has not outlined what is counted as a cultural venue, but according to Reuters, it is said that it will not include cinemas and various other indoor venues such as bowling or nightclubs.

As part of the restrictions introduced, cinemas, theatres, concert halls, amusement parks and conferences were forced to shut from Boxing Day. Public access to stadiums, sporting events and outdoor venues under tents were also banned.

However, museums, libraries and sporting facilities are currently allowed to remain open.

The Council of State published a ruling that outlined the need for the Belgian Government to provide evidence as to why further restrictions were required on public health grounds.

The court still needs to make a final ruling.

Image: Giusi Borrasi on Unsplash