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Label giants sign up to Music Climate Pact

Universal Music Group and Sony Music Group are among a group of industry leaders to sign a new commitment to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

The Music Climate Pact, supported by the UN Environmental Programme, has announced that it gained signatures from some of the biggest music industry players, including Sony, Universal and Warner Music Group.

A further 200 organisations are expected to follow other signatories, including Beggars Group, Ninja Tune and Brownswood Recordings.

Founding signatories are required to sign-up to one of two UN backed schemes — the Science Based Targets initiative or the Race to Zero SME Climate Commitment — by February 2022. Both require a pledge to reach net-zero emissions before 2050.

Boyd Muir, Universal’s executive vice president and chief financial officer, said: “UMG is proud to join the ‘Music Climate Pact,’ an important music community initiative reflecting our ongoing commitment to combating climate change.

“Since becoming a stand-alone company in September, we have established a dedicated Environmental, Social & Governance department that is overseeing this vital priority, including our purchases of renewable energy, offsets of greenhouse gas emissions, reduced supply chain footprint and dedication to the highest building standards (such BREEAM and LEED). We look forward to working with others in music to help address this critical issue.”

The Music Climate Pact was initiated by the UK’s Association of Independent Music (AIM) in collaboration with UK record labels association the BPI. The pact marks a significant step in aligning the global music business, and the measures already taken by individual companies, around a coherent and industry-co-ordinated strategy.

Signatories’ commitments include working together as an industry to establish carbon measurement methodologies, tools and frameworks backed by climate science. They also pledge to work in partnership with shared suppliers and digital streaming platforms (DSPs) to obtain data and drive emission reduction projects in a collaborative fashion.

Paul Pacifico, chief executive of AIM, said: “The climate crisis is the single greatest challenge facing the world’s population. No single business can solve this global threat on their own and it has been inspirational to see so much of the global music sector come together to take action.

“This pact builds on the amazing work already underway by individual businesses of all sizes, and brings the knowledge sharing and cross collateralisation needed to effective substantive change. I would like to thank the pact’s supporters and partners and look forward to welcoming more businesses to the pact and helping them deliver on its commitment.”