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Missing Audiences survey from Insights Alliance opens today

The Insights Alliance has begun its second wave of research for the Missing Audiences survey today (Monday), which has been designed to find out why some regular attendees may still be reluctant to return to cultural events.

The Insights Alliance is a partnership between consultancy Indigo, software and consultancy provider Baker Richards and analytics business One Further.

The aim of the survey is to find out what is holding some audiences and visitors back from attending cultural events such as theatre shows, so that organisers can plan to incorporate their needs into future plans.

Further aims include finding out how many have not returned and if they are attending events elsewhere, and how those who have actually returned feel about coming back to cultural and entertainment events.

The survey opens today and will run for three weeks until February 20.

The first Missing Audiences survey ran between September and October last year and found that less than one in three respondents did not have a future booking, with concerns around COVID-19 being one of the major factors. Some 61% had said they were still trying to avoid interacting with crowds and 23% said they were waiting until they could attend as normal, without precautions.

This time around, the Missing Audiences survey will continue to focus on measuring the overall audience confidence levels, facilitating conversation between cultural organisations and visitors to reassure attendees, and giving these groups the information needed to create targeted and successful re-attendance campaigns.

In Northern Ireland, the Missing Audience survey is run in association with Thrive, an organisation that supports arts, culture and heritage organisations to understand and grow their audiences.

Image: Christin Hume on Unsplash