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Redeam teams up with Ticketmaster to inspire travellers  

Ticketing platform Ticketmaster has linked up with experiences technology company Redeam to prompt travellers to purchase tickets for events when booking trips on global travel websites.

The partnership will enable event organisers to create special packages and promotions that travellers can combine with other experiences, when booking their trip.

Redeam then shares these offers across hundreds of travel sites, including Expedia, Viator, TUI Musement and more.

Dan Armstrong, Ticketmaster’s executive vice-president of distributed commerce, said: “With Redeam, we can fundamentally shift the way fans discover and buy tickets to live events when booking travel, whether for a vacation or even a business trip.”

According to a report from Oxford Economics, shared by Redeam and Ticketmaster, 142 million attendees that were visiting from out-of-town went to concerts and live events in the US. This included 67.3 million attendees that were on a day trip and 75.6 million that were staying overnight.

Armstrong added: “People want to book it all in one place – a flight to New York city, a hotel room in Soho, and tickets to a live event. By tapping into the vast inventory that exists on Ticketmaster’s global marketplace, Redeam partner sites can be a true one-stop-shop for fans, and event organisers have the opportunity to reach people as they actively search for events to bundle with their travel experience.”

Melanie Meador, Redeam president and chief executive, added: “Our relationship with Ticketmaster exemplifies Redeam’s mission: to empower experiences through innovation to inspire more people to travel and enjoy more of the world.

“This relationship proves our market strength and brings a huge audience to all our distribution partners as well as to our operator customers. As we continue to expand our solution set, we look forward to growing a significant and fruitful partnership with Ticketmaster.”

Image: Philipp Kämmerer on Unsplash