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German events bodies call for end of restrictions 

The German events industry has called for the immediate end of all pandemic-related restrictions on public events.

The Forum Veranstaltungswirtschaft is an alliance between six associations, including the Federal Association of Concert and Event Industry (BDKV), the European Association of Event Centers (EVVC), Trade Association for Trade Fairs and Exhibitions (FAMA), Interest group of independent service providers in the event industry (ISDV) and LiveMusikKommisson (LiveKomm).

The Forum has called for curbs to be lifted on live events so that Germany can fall in line with approaches in several other major European markets.

Various measures remain in place across Germany and, although up to 10,000 spectators are now allowed at major outdoor events, such a figure is still considerably lower than maximum capacities elsewhere, including the UK and France, with the latter having relaxed restrictions earlier this month.

Professor Jens Michow, president of BDKV, said: “Corona rules are being relaxed not only in most European neighbouring states, but also in the federal states.

“The mask requirement has been abolished and social distancing rules no longer exist. It is high time that this finally happened unrestrictedly throughout the country.

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have respected all containment measures and implemented them without restriction. However, the fact that there is still no binding exit strategy that enables organisers to plan reliably is not acceptable.

“We call on the Federal Government to take appropriate decisions here immediately.”

Axel Ballreich, first chairman of LiveKomm, added that politicians and doctors are among those calling for an end to COVID-19 measures and that restrictions on indoor and open air events are “really no longer comprehensible”.

Industry members also noted that the measures are also having an impact on customer confidence, with many being unwilling to purchase tickets due to uncertainty about whether events will take place.

Marcus Pohl, first chairman of ISDV, added: “Despite considerable aid, the industry is increasingly bleeding out economically. Aid is being recovered, deferred taxes are already due by the tax offices, although the situation of the industry has even deteriorated in the meantime.

“We must be allowed to work without restriction again, otherwise we will lose a major industry that was still one of the top markets in the world in 2019. There must finally be a working restart for us.”

Image: Edward Cisneros on Unsplash

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