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A boost for German events as restrictions set to ease 

Germany is set to ease its coronavirus restrictions, with next month bringing good news for events and nightclubs.

From March 4, the maximum permitted size for outdoor events will be increased to 25,000.

Nightclubs will also reopen, but only for those that have received all three doses of the vaccine against COVID-19, or two doses of the vaccine plus a negative test.

It is also good news for sports stadiums, which will be able to welcome back up to 25,000 spectators with a maximum utilisation of 75% of the total capacity.

Sporting events will be able to welcome fans that have either recovered and have been vaccinated, fully vaccinated, or partially vaccinated with an updated test. Only those with some sort of protection will be allowed to participate as spectators.

A maximum of 6,000 spectators will be allowed at indoor venues with a maximum occupancy of 60%.

German residents have also been given a glimpse of hope with a March 20 freedom day, where all capacity restrictions could be removed completely.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz said: “We can look forward more confidently than we have been able to do in recent weeks.”

The news comes following recent reports of some 128 positive cases from 10,938 tests following the Berlin Film Festival, which ended this week. This means that approximately 1.5% of industry professionals tested positive.

Midway through the festival, organisers reported 54 positive tests from 2,700 tests.

pastedGraphic.pngImage: Redd on Unsplash