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NFT Stadium enhances fan experiences 

NFT Stadium, a new non-fungible token development agency and marketplace, has launched a new platform to bring fans closer to their favourite teams, athletes, gamers, musicians, personalities and brands.

The platform will work with fan-focused brands and intellectual property owners to build relationships with loyal customers through NFT-enhanced experiences.

The Genesis collection of non-fungible tokens from NFT Stadium will drop on February 26 and will allow fans to secure benefits while using the platform, like exclusive rewards that range from whitelist access, early minting, reduced platform fees and future in-person events.

Catherine Lee, chief executive and founder of NFT Stadium, said: “We believe an NFT represents more than a transaction, but rather a relationship.

“NFT collectorship is a participatory experience and we’re partnering with IP visionaries who see the possibilities for ongoing engagement that goes beyond an NFT purchase.”

NFT Stadium hopes to expand the relationship between fans and their favourite bands, sports stars, teams and brands, with the main objective being engagement.

These engagement strategies can include additional NFT drops, exclusive events, and other IP-specific perks to improve the fan experience. NFT Stadium is currently Ethereum-based with plans to integrate other blockchains such as Polygon and Solana.

Sam Simmons, consulting chief strategy officer, NFT Stadium, added: “There is a newfound appreciation for being able to interact with our passions, especially at a community level.

“Experiential NFTs offer a way to immortalise the fan experience, driving connection and engagement in a completely new way. This is what NFT Stadium will be bringing to passionate fans across many brands and IPs – a way to cultivate and build a relationship through NFTs.”

Image:bady abbas on Unsplash