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Tech Stack: Blockchain, Ticket Halls in the Metaverse and more…

Our weekly tech round-up from the world of ticketing…

Blockchain Trails

Decentralised autonomous organisation, Blocks Dao, has introduced Builders modules to solve issues in the ticketing industry, including keeping track of transactions and dealing with scalping.

Blocks Dao has introduced the solution to mitigate these issues, and organisers will be able to use the Builders modules to set ticket prices, monitor transactions and track resold tickets.

For an NFT ticket provider or venue, integrating with Blocks Dao can keep track of customers’ data, ticketing, and offer control over the marketplace. It can help to identify ticket buyers, view previous ticket transactions and verify if a ticket has been resold and for what price.

Secondary ticket markets can also benefit as issuing digital tickets regulates price, ticket reselling procedures and limits the resale of tickets, according to Blocks.

Ticket Hall in the Metaverse

Entertainment and education company, Color Star Technology, has teamed up with Jilin Great World Aviation Service Co, an aviation machinery equipment manufacturing business, to introduce a virtual ticketing hall.

Jilin World specialises in international air ticket booking, travel and vacation, hotel reservation and business travel. It offers services such as 24/7 air-ticket booking, a one-stop business travel support and an e-commerce self-service platform.

After the creation of the virtual ticketing hall, the two companies will collaborate on online sales, such as visitor attractions.

Immersive Experiences

Formula 1 has partnered with Kindred Concepts, a new company from hospitality industry expert Adam Breeden.

The collaboration will result in a state-of-the-art F1 racing simulation experience, boosting engagement with fans.

A conditional lease between Kindred Concepts and property development and investment company, Landsec, has been agreed for the concept to be launched at One New Change, which is located next to St Paul’s Cathedral in London.

The new experience will be launched in late 2022 and will aim to fuse a love of racing and gaming.

Traffic Management

Singapore ticketing agency SISTIC has scaled up its application services through a partnership with NGINX.

Utilising NGINX’s F5 BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager, Sistic was able to offer more reliable, secure application services. It has also provided more extensibility, flexibility and programmability to manage its cloud, virtual, and physical infrastructure.

The solution has been implemented for all of Sistic’s customer-facing web servers and has extended existing load-balancing capabilities, so that the agency can handle more users than with a single server.

Background image: Ales Nesetril on Unsplash