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TryBooking introduces calendar feature

Community event ticketing platform TryBooking has introduced a ‘Calendar Display’ feature for theatre, venue and tourism clients that run multiple sessions over multiple days.

TryBooking provides software for clients to enable them to run events, sell tickets and take donations, and has introduced the new feature following a number of requests.

Customers will be able to view multiple session times in one display and scan for the dates and availability to suit their needs. The introduction of the new feature can help speed up the ticket purchasing process.

Event organisers also benefit from the new feature as it allows them to provide more information on each session, an advantage that is passed on to its patrons. Real time information means that consumers can see the number of spots left in a session before buying a ticket.

Jeffery McAlister, managing director of TryBooking, said: “We are excited to release this new feature that will speed up the ticket purchasing process for our clients who use multiple session times for their events, and provide ticket buyers a new way to find the right session time.”

The ‘Calendar Display’ feature will be enabled by default when event organisers build more than one session on TryBooking, prior to February 9.

Event organisers can also choose to disable the feature if the fit is not right for them.

Image: TryBooking