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PlanetPay365 becomes TicketOne reseller

PlanetPay365, a multi-service platform, has teamed up with Italian ticketing operator TicketOne, meaning fans will be able to purchase tickets for major sporting events through PlanetPay365 terminals.

PlanetPay365 will be the official TicketOne reseller for sporting events such as football, Formula 1, MotoGP, tennis and rugby.

The point-of-sale product is the first to be created by Planet Entertainment, which is part of the sports betting operator, SKS365 Group. Sports fans will be able to purchase tickets for Serie A, Serie B and Serie C, as well as Formula 1, MotoGP and the Internazionali Bnl d’Italia tennis tournament from terminals in partner stores.

Gianluca Porzio, SKS365’s business development director, said: “We have a retail network close to that of TicketOne, with a very similar target. We both offer entertainment and sport, which we bring to everyone’s reach.

“The agreement will allow us to engage with customers who prefer buying services offline, and we believe we have the strength and energy to do a great job.

“Even before the launch, we had over 500 requests for TicketOne’s implementation. We expect to have 1,500 affiliated shops by 2022 and 2,500 by 2023.”

TicketOne was founded in 1998 and offers ticket services, marketing, information and e-commerce for music, entertainment, sport and cultural events.

Amedeo Bardelli, director of TicketOne’s sports business, added: “It’s important to have a wide and reliable network and this agreement gives us a big boost. We have been working for a year and a half on this project and we are happy to sign a partnership of great value.

“PlanetPay365 retailers will be involved directly in the organisational machine of sports events and they will become a point of reference for the public in the territory. As TicketOne, we now expect a growth in sales due to the strengthening of our local sales network. We are also studying new initiatives for our customers, with additional services and solutions.”

Image: elimirana on Unsplash