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Standing with the tech community 

Softjourn, a global technology services provider with a focus on ticketing, is headquartered in the US but has offices in Ukraine.

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine last week, chief executive of Softjourn Emmy Gengler condemned the attack.

Now, her focus is firmly on her staff.

“We have to realise that people are facing an unprecedented situation,” Gengler told TheTicketingBusiness.

“Everyone needs downtime to deal with their own mental health and to deal with caring for their families.”

She added: “We have been doing our best to support our staff. This includes providing our employees and their families: counselling, 24/7 relocation support, transportation and housing in western Ukraine and Poland for those from eastern and central Ukraine, assistance with border crossing and child care assistance.”

While Softjourn has offered support for its staff during this time, some simply want to carry on to distract themselves and show they cannot be beaten.

Gengler said: “Ukraine is at war with Russia, so we cannot expect that everything will be exactly as it was before. That productivity will not be able to be the same. But the IT community in Ukraine, Softjourners included, are rallying and being defiant.

“They realise that the best way to not let the aggressor win is to continue working, continue designing products, continue doing demos, getting new clients, working with existing clients, supporting them.

“The community is pushing on to meet release deadlines, plans, they are covering for each other, supporting each other. To show that the aggressor will not beat them. By doing this as well, it enables them to be able to better support those who are fighting, those in cities that are suffering military attacks, getting humanitarian aid to those in need and more.”

While Softjourn has regularly supported its Ukrainian counterparts over the years, the company has ramped up its actions in light of the invasion.

“Ukraine has been a target of Russian aggression for many years,” said Gengler. “Softjourn, with the help of employees and matching funds from the company, has actively participated in supporting the Ukrainian army over the years. This has included doing things such as purchasing an ambulance in western Europe, and sending it to occupied Ukraine, purchasing communications equipment, medical supplies and more.”

Gengler also said that any support from the technology industry would be greatly appreciated.

“Softjourn continues to support Ukraine, and encourages others to do the same” added Gengler. “Support can be shown by donating funds to aid in providing humanitarian support to Ukraine, or by donating to the fund for the Ukrainian Army and by spreading the message to encourage others to support Ukraine.

“Additional support can be provided by rallying behind the tech community, continuing to purchase licenses, products and services from Ukrainian tech companies. Support them as they show that Russia will not bring the tech community in Ukraine down.”

Softjourn has set up a page on how to #standwithukraine. You can find it here.

Gengler also suggested donating to the International Committee of the Red Cross, which you can find here and the National Bank of Ukraine, which you can find here and here.

Image: Yehor Milohrodskyi on Unsplash