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Chart-topping ticket sales for BTS live-streamed cinema concert 

BTS Permission to Dance on Stage: Seoul racked up a mighty $32.6m (£24m/€29m) across 3,711 cinemas in 75 worldwide theatrical markets.

The K-pop band was playing in the South Korean capital for the first time in two years, and tickets were hard to come by.

Entertainment company HYBE and Trafalgar Releasing, a business that brings live events to cinema, allowed thousands of fans across the globe to witness the popular band on stage.

Tickets cost $35 in the US and Canada and allowed fans to watch BTS’ concert live from Seoul’s Olympic Stadium.

The live-streamed concert played in 803 theatres across North America and brought in around $6.84m. This roughly translates to $8,500 per venue, which was the second-best theatre average across the weekend, behind ‘The Batman’ at $15,6621 per venue.

The ticket sales were even more impressive as the concert cracked the top five domestic box office charts in the US, despite only featuring at less than 1,000 locations. It placed third behind ‘The Batman’ and ‘Unchartered’.

HYBE 360 president DJ Kim told Variety: “As the pandemic made it difficult to access the concert venue, we wanted to create an opportunity for fans to get together and watch the concert together.

“We came up with the idea of ‘live-viewing’ at cinemas and are delighted to offer an alternative experience for fans to enjoy the concert live.”

Marc Allenby, chief executive of Trafalgar Releasing added: “It’s a testament to both the overwhelmingly dedicated fandom of the army [BTS fans] and the overall return to cinemas on a global scale.”

Image: I DARE U JK/CC BY 3.0/Edited for size

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