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UK theatres awarded grants to be more sustainable 

The Wolfson Foundation and Theatres Trust have awarded eight theatres across the UK with grants totalling £120,000 ($156,000/€143,000) through the Theatre Improvement Scheme.

Wolfson is a London-based independent grant-making charity and Theatres Trust is an organisation that aims to protect theatre buildings for future generations. The grants have been awarded in a bid for a number of theatres to become more environmentally friendly.

The Roses Theatre in Tewkesbury has been awarded £11,000 to implement various adaptations, such as insulating pipes and installing smart controls and auto-off sensors.

Oxford Playhouse (pictured) has used its £20,000 funding to install secondary glazing, The Courtyard in Hereford has fitted additional solar panels and Wilton’s Music Hall in London and The Customs House in South Shields have replaced building management services and heating systems.

Dundee Repertory Theatre, The Lyceum in Edinburgh and Theatre Royal Winchester have all received funding to upgrade their lighting to energy-efficient LEDs across the venues.

Paul Ramsbottom, chief executive of the Wolfson Foundation, said: “The projects we have funded with Theatres Trust are excellent examples of practical changes that can improve the environmental and financial sustainability of theatres across the country.

“We are delighted to continue our partnership with Theatres Trust to support theatres to respond to the challenges of the climate crisis.”

Jon Morgan, director of Theatres Trust, added: “By working with the Wolfson Foundation we continue our focus on the long-term environmental sustainability of theatres, a major priority for the sector.

“The challenge of taking a theatre and making it fit for purpose in the context of the climate emergency is huge but these projects represent the type of small, practical and impactful projects every size and age of theatre should consider on the path to sustainability.”

Last year, the Wolfson Foundation renewed funding for the Theatre Improvement Scheme for a further three years. The next round of the scheme is now open and the deadline for applications is September 06 2022. Grants of up to £20,000 are available to help theatres reduce the environmental impact of their buildings.

Image: Omassey/Wikimedia/Edited for size