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Smeetz establishes operations in France

Switzerland-based Smeetz has launched operations in France and has appointed a new country manager to build a team and establish the company’s regional office.

Smeetz is a data-driven ticketing and dynamic pricing software supplier for attractions and cultural venues, and is aiming to expand further in Europe.

Jean-Marc Tillé has been appointed as the country manager for France and Belgium, and has more than 25 years of experience in the leisure, tourism and ticketing industries.

In his new role, Tillé will aim to develop business initiatives and look for emerging opportunities.

Alexandre Martin, chief executive and co-founder of Smeetz, said: “After successfully entering the UK market and positioning Smeetz as a powerful player there last year, starting operations in France seemed to be the logical continuation of our expansion plans.

“The diversity of the attractions and cultural venues’ landscape and the lack of data-driven solutions to successfully run their business was the hint for us to jump in.”

Tillé added: “I think it’s time to shake up the French ticketing market and that’s why I joined Smeetz in the first place. I was seduced by the powerful and innovative solution they offer, the team’s dynamism and of course their dynamic pricing capability.

“Digitalisation increased the need for marketing. By making experiences available online, attractions had to start thinking of strategies to market, price and promote their products. Pricing strategies are allowing venues to adapt to new post-Covid consumer behaviours.

“Seen as unfair and unethical for a long time, dynamic pricing is beginning to be seen for its true value to both venues and end customers and will surely become the norm in France sooner or later.”

Image: Hannah Morgan on Unsplash