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Paris 2024 outlines ‘ambitious’ ticketing programme 

Paris 2024 organisers have revealed plans for the Olympic Games’ ticketing programme, which will include nearly half of all tickets available being priced at €50 (£42/$55) or less.

The framework will be submitted to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) for validation by this summer.

Some 13.4 million tickets will be for sale, with nearly 10 million for the Olympics and roughly 3.4 million tickets available for the Paralympics.

Prices will start at just €24 for the Olympics in the French capital, with one million tickets available at this price, while tickets for the Paralympics will start at €15.

According to organisers, it is also the first time in the history of the Games that a single online ticketing site will be used to sell all tickets for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, in France and internationally.

The platform will be provided by ticketing and live entertainment providers CTS Eventim, France Billet and Orange Business Services. This platform will also provide a safe place for fans to resell tickets if needed.

Paris 2024 organising committee president Tony Estanguet told the Associated Press that the new system should “limit frustration” for those trying to purchase tickets.

Traditionally, the host nation sold tickets to its residents and agencies handled ticket sales for the rest of the world. Now, a two-month registration will let potential buyers sign up for a lottery that gives winners a time slot for February 2023 to choose the tickets for multiple sports on the single platform.

Single tickets for events will go on sale in May 2023 followed by a third sales period towards the end of next year.

Estanguet told the Reuters news agency: “It’s ambitious. We believe that the Paris 2024 Games will be unique. The ticketing programme represents one-third of our revenue. So it’s really important for us to maximise this programme.”

Image: Alexander Kagan on Unsplash