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Shanghai Disney Resort shuts gates once more 

Shanghai Disney Resort has closed once again due to the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic in China.

The parks that make up the resort closed their doors yesterday (Monday) until further notice. In a statement, Shanghai Disney Resort said that all tickets for March 21 and onwards will be extended for another six months, when operations resume.

“In view of the current epidemic prevention and control situation, Shanghai Disney Resort (including Shanghai Disneyland, Disney Town and Star Wish Park) will be temporarily closed from Monday, March 21, 2022,” said the statement.

“We will continue to pay attention to the progress of epidemic prevention and control and consult the guidance of relevant departments. Once the resumption time is clear, we will inform you in time.”

In November last year, some 34,000 visitors were locked in the park to be tested and told to isolate after reports of a single COVID-19 case. The theme park was closed and rides halted as ticket holders were tested.

Hong Kong Disneyland is also currently closed due to COVID-19, and has been for quite some time, with its recent financial report painting a sorry picture.

The theme park posted a HK$2.4bn ($306m/£231m/€278m) loss in the last financial year, as it has faced a number of closures and lack of international tourists.

For the year ending September 30, Hong Kong Disneyland recorded the HK$2.4bn loss. However, this is a slight improvement on the HK$2.66bn loss for the preceding 12 months.

A statement on the Hong Kong Disneyland website says that the park is currently closed until April 20.

Image: Capricorn song on Unsplash