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Boomtown creators to launch Amazement Park

Wake The Tiger, set to be the world’s first Amazement Park, is launching a crowdfunder to secure investment for the interactive immersive art experience.

The attraction is due to open in the English city of Bristol this summer, and has already secured over £1.5m (€1.8m/$2m) in private funding. Wake The Tiger will be based on the same site as Boomtown festival’s headquarters in Bristol, with management looking to secure an additional £350,000 through a Crowdcube fundraiser.

The Amazement park will be an interactive immersive art experience which will provide a thrilling alternative to a traditional art gallery. Visitors will be taken on a journey into the story of ‘Meridia’, jumping through a portal into magical realms, living an ‘alchemist’s dream’ and exploring 27 unique artistic environments.

Wake The Tiger, which is the team behind the Boomtown festival that has seen growth from 1,500 attendees to 70,000 over the last decade, said that 75% of the projected revenue stream will be via ticket sales.

Secondary streams will be provided by the bar and café, as well as a merchandise range created by artists and designers featuring sculptures, prints and NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

There are also opportunities for expansion within the current premises, expansion into the digital world of ‘Meridia’, further Amazement Parks and an event space for up to 500 attendees.

Graham MacVoy, founder and managing director of Wake The Tiger, said: “This project is two years in the making and the result of decades of creative input from some of the best technologists, story-tellers and creative minds working across festivals and attractions in the UK.

“We are starting the new movement in our spiritual home of Bristol and can’t wait to be open this summer.”

Images: Andre Pattenden