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Tech Stack: NFT ticketing, cashless ballparks and more…

Our weekly tech round-up from the world of ticketing and associated industries… 

NFT-enabled festival 

BlockDown will be held in Sibenik, Croatia in May and is an NFT (non-fungible token)-enabled festival. The event will focus on exploring Web3 with a particular focus on the metaverse, NFts, gaming and DAOs (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) will start to play a big role in society – affecting how we work, play and socialise.

NFTs will function as tickets for the festival and will also unlock experiences within the event, including futuristic or cyberpunk-style areas and even a ‘mystical fairy forest’. The BlockDown site will also feature pop-up experiences, performances and art installations.


HungryTickets(.com) celebrated the opening weekend of Major League Baseball by releasing a limited-edition collection of ‘HungryTickets Houndz’ NFTs. The NFTs have been drawn up by Rich Moyer, a freelance artist and cartoonist, who has produced cartoon hounds playing for teams such as the LA Doggies or the Bronx Boxers.

Founder and chief executive of HungryTickets(.com) Tommy Leigh said: “We’ve released the HungryTickets Houndz to celebrate our upcoming launch. We absolutely love baseball and digital crypto art – so mixing the two just made sense to us. Each NFT comes with special HungryTickets(.com) benefits, like free admission to all future HungryTickets Houndz events sponsored by Red Cup Kegger Lounge Socials in selected cities.”

Into the metaverse 

Blockchain-based software company Xmanna, which is creating a live event metaverse platform for sports and entertainment, has partnered with NFT ticketing marketplace Backstage. The partnership aims to bring NFT ticketing into the metaverse.

Xmanna is hoping to enhance fan experience  and engagement with its Polygon-based gamified engagement technologies. The platform will encourage users to interact with favourite teams through gaming and NFT tickets for customised metaverse stadiums. The partnership will mean that NFT tickets will allow fans exclusive access to events and activations for both metaverse and physical stadiums, with perks such as VIP benefits, promotions and merchandise.

Digital ticketing and going cashless 

Fans of MLB’s Baltimore Orioles will be required to show digital tickets on mobiles upon entry to Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Attendees have also been encouraged to use the official MLB Ballpark app to purchase and show tickets upon entry.

The ballpark will also be cashless in 2022, meaning fans will have to use a ‘Reverse ATM’ that will exchange cash to a card for use at the concession and merchandise stands.

Background image: Ales Nesetril on Unsplash