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Astroworld task force highlights changes for event safety

The Astroworld task force, which was set up in Texas following the death of 10 people during a crowd crush at a Travis Scott concert, has outlined recommendations to improve safety at large events.

The Texas Task Force on Concert Safety was set up by Texas Governor Greg Abbott following the Astroworld tragedy at NRG Stadium in Houston, which also saw hundreds of attendees injured during a set from rapper Scott. The aim of the task force is to find ways to prevent an incident like this occurring at large-scale events, such as music festivals.

A report from the task force was delivered to Governor Abbot last week, with a series of recommendations to address any gaps in safety plans at Astroworld.

Recommendations include the implementation of an on-site commands and control group at large events, which would be able to pause or cancel a show if a specific ‘trigger’ takes place. The ‘triggers’ would be agreed before the event and should be part of the permit application process according to the report.

Further recommendations include a more consistent permitting process and a universal permitting process, which would require event promoters and venues to follow the same regulations. It would also provide clarity around the authority needed for shutting down an event in the case of a serious incident.

Astroworld’s specific circumstances meant that the county had sanctioned the event, but the city was responsible for the incidents. There was also no occupancy permit required for the event, which is something usually determined by the local fire department.

The task force also reiterated a need for adequate training for security and event staff, and that event promoters and artists should work together to encourage safety.

Image: Frank Schwichtenberg/(CC BY-SA 4.0)/Edited for size