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French trade group Prodiss urges Macron action

Prodiss, France’s national union for performing artists, has urged President Emmanuel Macron to remove obstacles to the full reopening of venues and events after backing his successful re-election campaign.

The body said that while Macron’s first term was dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, “the post-crisis projects are numerous and the position of Prodiss is more than ever affirmed: there is still much to do for the culture, and for live performance in particular.”

Prodiss said that while it backed Macron ahead of opponent Marine Le Pen, this support was “not a blank check”.

Prodiss put forward immediate- and medium-term objectives, ranging from reopening to boosting skills in the sector.

Prodiss said in a statement: “In the immediate term, it is important to ensure a sustainable return of the French to performance halls and festivals, by removing the obstacles to a serene recovery, such as the “Sound” Decree. It is also important to encourage, from now on, investment and initiative in a sector that was once competitive and dynamic, by making the sector attractive again, despite the crisis it has suffered, punctuated by stop-and- -go and after two years of heavy restrictions.

“In the medium term, we will make sure to maintain the permanent link with the Government and the elected officials, like the one that has been ours throughout the period of the health crisis to face the major challenges that will be ours in the years to come: the reflection to be carried out around the place of digital platforms in our ecosystem, around the financing of the National Music Center beyond January 1 , 2023, around the question of the attractiveness of our sector with the need for new skills to develop activities.”

In March, Macron’s administration lifted the obligation to show a COVID status pass in order to access most venues and events in the country, such as theatres, stadiums and other venues. It is no longer necessary to wear face coverings indoors, except on public transport.

Image: Guillaume Didelet on Unsplash

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