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ESNS opens applications and announces focus on Spain 

Eurosonic Noorderslag (ESNS), the European artist-focused event, has opened its applications and will highlight Spain’s emerging talent at ESNS 2023.

ESNS has opened its applications for European artists to perform at the event, having previously helped the early careers of artists such as Arlo Parks, Celeste, Dua Lipa, Sigrid and Fontaines DC.

The conference side of ESNS also attracts more than 4,000 professionals from the entertainment industry, including representatives from over 400 festivals in Europe. ESNS boasts 350 showcases of European talent all over the Dutch city of Groningen and will take place from January 18-21 next year.

Alongside the performances, there is set to be a conference programme of around 150 panels and keynotes, as well as networking opportunities.

Applicants have until September 1 to apply to play ESNS 2023.

Each year, ESNS chooses a different country to highlight to celebrate the diversity of musical talent across Europe. This year’s choice is Spain, which was due to be a highlight at a previous event but was hindered by the COVID-19 pandemic. In collaboration with The Spanish Wave, an event that celebrates emerging Spanish talent, ESNS hopes to do the same.

César Andión of The Spanish Wave said: “The focus on Spain will bring a wide palette of young, emerging and talented acts from all over Spain to show how fresh, alive and exportable artists we have in our country.”

ESNS head of programme Robert Meijerink added: “The Spanish music scene has a lot to offer for the international market. While there is a growing interest in music in the Spanish language than ever before in Europe and beyond, we’d like to focus on all its different regions and lively scenes; from emerging electronic acts to the new wave of indie bands hailing from the big cities, the islands and everything in between.

“Together with The Spanish Wave and their partners, we look forward to getting started on bringing an eclectic selection of new music to Groningen.”

Playing at ESNS is not only limited to performing at the festival in January, as acts are part of the ESNS Exchange Programme. ESNS Exchange, the European Talent Exchange Programme, was first introduced in 2003 to make it easier for the ‘exchange’ of European artists across Europe. It helps European acts to be booked outside of their home countries and generates more media exposure.

This year, ESNS Exchange helped 200 gigs to be booked including artists such as Holly Humberstone and Wet Leg.