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Tix Ticketing: the self-service revolution 

Tix Ticketing’s chief operating officer Hrefna Sif Jónsdóttir tells us about the move to give patrons more control and reducing the workload of a box office…

It’s 2022 – customers want as much control as possible when it comes to purchasing absolutely anything. And that includes buying tickets.

Tix has highlighted the trend of patrons wanting more control, and utilised this movement when it came to developing the Tix system. The online sales platform is a central element to selling tickets, especially as consumers like to buy things quickly, easily and mostly online with just a few clicks or taps.

The Tix system’s ticket flows can accommodate these patrons as well as larger company sales and can also be branded to fit in with any organisation. The process is quick and simple, which equates to a satisfied customer.

Putting the patron in control 

Having a system like this in place also frees up time for organisers and venues to focus on logistics and creating the best possible event. Self-service has been built into the Tix ticketing software and CRM, as the Reykjavik-based company believes that this is the future of ticketing.

The trend has certainly been hastened by the COVID-19 pandemic over the last couple of years, as consumers became used to ordering everything online, quickly and easily.

Tix Ticketing’s chief operating officer Hrefna Sif Jónsdóttir said that accommodating this trend would “free up organisers and venues” and “at the same time, gives ticket buyers more flexibility and a quicker service, so they can do this themselves, anytime they want to”.

This idea of self-service also transcends into other areas of the consumer journey, including changes and refunds. Particularly in recent times, organisers and venues have had to deal with masses of cancellations, postponements and refunds. By having a self-service system in place, it again takes away the pressure from the box office, and puts the responsibility into the hands of the customer, who will be happy that they are in control.

Patrons are able to request a refund or make sure tickets are rolled over to a date they are available for, keeping the control over their purchase and experience without even venturing into the venue.


Jónsdóttir says that Tix actively encourages its clients to utilise these features, creating a system that fits them and their own clients’ needs.

“We have encouraged our clients to make the most out of these features we have to offer, they can easily set different rules around these things depending on the events and the organisers,” said Jónsdóttir.

“For example, they can limit how many times people can change their tickets and they can also set a fee for it, either from the beginning or after a certain number of changes have been made for that booking or order.”

With a focus on self-service, customers need to know what they are purchasing before heading to the check-out. The Tix system incorporates features such as a 360-degree view from the seat the customer is interested in, or the view from a certain balcony or box.

Consumers enjoy a seamless experience, so having the ability to add optional extras like dining reservations enhances the self-service aspect. The Tix system allows users to bundle additional services, where the customer will receive the ticket and a product voucher.

The system also enables clients to have the option for consumers to create an account, so that all reservations and tickets are in one place including past purchases. Customers can create a personal profile to handle subscription renewals, reservations and access personal offers.

Not only this, but Tix Ticketing allows clients to upsell as much as possible, with options to add to the buying flow.The Tix system will notify clients of stock levels and also allows customers to add products to their order even after making an initial purchase. Clients can sell gift cards and even notify their own patrons that tickets may be available cheaper through a subscription or a membership. The system can send email reminders to customers who purchased tickets, but not other products, to prompt possible secondary purchases.

Particularly useful over the last two years has been the ability to easily change or request a refund for tickets to events that have been cancelled, or if the patron can no longer attend.


Moving the focus 

However, some venues and organisers might not be so ready to hand that much control over to the consumer. By utilising the Tix system, clients have been able to save time as a self-service option means patrons can take care of many aspects themselves. Users can make it possible for customers to exchange seats in a show for another, or as a substitution for a cancelled event. The system can be adapted so that clients can offer this service for free or with a fee to make these changes.

Jónsdóttir says that Tix Ticketing wants to change the attitude by giving clients the confidence to make these changes, with a system that allows it to happen seamlessly and reliably.

“We want to be ahead of our clients’ needs and we think this is an example of that,” says Jónsdóttir. “Many venues are not ready to give that flexibility to ticket buyers but we think that will change, they will see that it benefits them in the long term, giving their ticket buyers the flexibility and minimising their own employees’ efforts and allowing them to focus on different projects.”

And as it may be a jump for some venues to offer customers this kind of flexibility, Jónsdóttir says that Tix can help with the move.

She said: “We also help our clients make this transition by supporting them learning how to us this fully, and having it very simply presented on the ticket buyers’ receipt page so it’s very transparent and clearly set up.”

Jónsdóttir says that the reviews from clients over the switch to a more self-service focussed offering has been largely “positive” and that the trend will continue.

Tix Ticketing will be present at this year’s TheTicketingBusiness Forum, including vice-president of product and engineering, Einar Gustafsson, who is part of the event’s speaker line-up.

Tix Ticketing is a sponsor of TheTicketingBusiness Forum, the world’s No.1 B2B ticketing business meeting, which will take place from July 7-8, 2022 at Emirates Old Trafford, Manchester.

Images: Samuel Sianipar on Unsplash/Hans Roggen/Tix Ticketing