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New Insights Alliance research project aims to understand attitudes around the climate crisis

The Insights Alliance has recently launched its sector-wide audience research project, Act Green, which has been designed to help build an idea of attitudes towards the climate crisis.

The research project will gain an understanding of cultural audiences’ attitudes and their perception of the role of cultural organisations and their audiences in tackling issues surrounding climate change.

It aims to understand how audiences think cultural organisations should be reacting to climate issues, how different groups view the role of these organisations and to develop impact ways to communicate with these groups to improve engagement with sustainability.

The Insights Alliance is a partnership between consultancy Indigo, software and consultancy provider Baker Richards and analytics business One Further. The project is sponsored by software company, PointOne EPOS.

Katy Raines, chief executive of Indigo, told TheTicketingBusiness.com: “There has already been some fantastic work done across the sector in this area, from projects such as Theatre Green Book and Julie’s Bicycle, and these initiatives have helped organisations to know how to structure their approach to environmental sustainability strategies.

“However, to my knowledge, there hasn’t been any work done on audience sentiment around the role that cultural organisations, or audiences should play.”

Raines added: “It’s important to understand where audiences, and different audience segments are ‘at’ on this – not necessarily to change our strategies, but to understand how to communicate with audiences, and how and when to involve them in the process.”

Following the collection of data, The Insights Alliance will present the findings and discuss the outcomes through a webinar in June.

“We hope that our research will show how audiences feel now about these issues, and we can then start a discussion about how we frame our sustainability strategies to different audiences armed with this knowledge,” said Raines.

Cultural organisations will be able to see the results from their own audience “in real time” and will also be able to compare them with sector-wide results.

You can register to take part, or encourage cultural organisations you work with to take part, here: indigo-ltd.com.

Image: The Insights Alliance