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Circuit of the America launches packages ahead of US F1 Grand Prix 

Circuit of the Americas (COTA), along with partner entertainment consulting firm Elevate Sports Ventures, has unveiled ticket, travel, hotel and experiential packages for the 2022 US Formula 1 Grand Prix.

The circuit, which is in Austin, Texas, will hold the Formula 1 Aramco United States Grand Prix from October 21-23. The packages are inclusive of premium tickets and hospitality to the grand prix and Germania Insurance Super Stage Concerts, which make up the festivities.

Customers will also have access to exclusive events and experiences, and the packages will include transport, hotel accommodation, on-site concierge service and more. The curated packages mark the first time COTA has bundled premium seating and hospitality with hotels, travel and concierge service.

Mark Pannes, COTA president for strategy and corporate growth, said: “For many F1 fans, the United States Grand Prix at Circuit of The Americas is the top holiday trip they make in any given year.

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer them a set of exclusive travel and entertainment packages that will make their trips unique, easy to plan, and truly special experiences.”

Travel package opportunities include premium tickets and hospitality; prime hotel accommodation ranging from three to five stars; private and group transportation ranging from helicopter rides to shuttle services; premium hospitality for the concerts which include performances from artists such as Ed Sheeran and Green Day; Downtown Austin Club Lounge Hospitality, which is located in downtown Austin and allows for guests to enjoy local music, food and the social scene; access to exclusive events including a COTA 10-year anniversary luncheon with former F1 World Champion  Sir Jackie Stewart; bespoke activities in and around the city of Austin; and concierge services.

The launch of the comprehensive packages follows the sell-out of general admission and reserved seats for the US Grand Prix. COTA’s 2021 season, which included Formula 1, MotoGP and NASCAR, marked new records in fan attendance and premium and hospitality sales.

Image: Circuit of the Americas