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Live events subscription marketplace festivalPass launches 

Austin-based company festivalPass has launched a live events subscription marketplace, with users able to access music, film, food and wine, art, sports, lifestyle and tech experiences around the globe.

Users will have access to 80,000 live events for a monthly subscription price and with no added ticket fees. FestivalPass members will be able to book tickets for major festivals such as Coachella, and attend live shows from artists like Dua Lipa, John Mayer and Billie Eillish.

The subscription service, which festivalPass says is a world first, is powered by Web 3 technologies such as blockchain and accepts cryptocurrency for subscription and ticket payments. FestivalPass will also be launching the Lifetime Founder NFT (non-fungible token) for live events in June.

Members are able to access, discover and attend live events through a unique credit system. The membership includes credits to use for any event or festival with subscription prices ranging from $19 (£15/€18) to $99 a month. Members can redeem credits for tickets across the US and for hotel rooms globally.

“When we founded festivalPass, it was under the belief that live entertainment should not be transactional,” said festivalPass founder and chief executive Ed Vincent. “We envisioned a community in which members could interact and share around the entertainment passions they hold and where their participation is rewarded.

“As Web 3 became more mainstream throughout 2021 it became apparent that not only the technology of Web 3 but the philosophy of Web 3 supports our mission and goals to bring participation and ownership to the live event world.”

Vincent added: “Accessing tickets to live events has been a transactional, non-social, inefficient experience for decades. Live events fans can now discover, access and get no-fee tickets to over 80,000 live events of all types and sizes through their subscription membership in a community driven, social, frictionless, single-source platform that rewards them for their loyalty and participation in the community. The higher tier a subscriber signs up for the lower the cost of the tickets.”