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Liverpool Football Club calls on social media companies to help with ticket touts 

Premier League club Liverpool has called on social media companies to close more than 50 social media accounts and groups it believes are involved in selling, or offering to sell, tickets to this weekend’s UEFA Champions League final.

The club also identified 13 supporters trying to sell their tickets for the game against Real Madrid on Saturday online. Liverpool subsequently cancelled their tickets and their accounts are in the process of being investigated further, with a “possibility of added sanctions to follow,” the club said.

UEFA recently issued a warning that supporters can only purchase tickets for the Champions League final from the organisation, or from the participating clubs.

Liverpool received a total allocation of 19,618 tickets for the fixture at Stade de France in Paris.

The club said that the had been an increase in the number of fans being defrauded, particularly online, by fake match ticket offers. It also warned supporters to be diligent when providing any personal or payment information to people they do not know.

In a statement, Liverpool said: “Liverpool FC will not stand idly by and watch people try to sell tickets they have been fortunate enough to get access to via the ballot.

“All reports of ticket touting, or online ticket fraud, will be investigated in line with the LFC sanctions process. If a supporter has been found to have offered a ticket for sale online, this could result in a lifetime ban for that individual.”

The statement added: “Liverpool FC continues to work closely with Merseyside Police and, where possible, will pass on the details of any supporters who have offered a ticket for sale online.”

Image: Finn on Unsplash