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Sustainable outdoor event? Eco options, no longer the alternative but the first choice

ID&C, a supplier of security wristbands and wristband technologies including RFID and NFC, headquartered in Royal Tunbridge Wells, UK, explains why when it comes to outdoor events, eco options are no longer the alternative but the first choice…

In the scramble to claw back revenue from a pandemic, many customers of ours are running more events this year; some running the same events over multiple weekends. With this growth will come more requirements for sustainability, it is very much at the top of the agenda for live performances and sporting events.

The UK love an outdoor event; (mood weather dependent) whether spectating a sporting event or your favourite artists at a festival. ID&C & Identilam wanted to prevent encroaching on the outdoor event spaces; safeguarding the UK countryside, where many events we supply take place. 

We are now making a conscientious effort to collaborate with event organisers and providers that mirror our ethos.

  • ID&C & Identilam have partnered with Make it Wild to offset the emissions produced in the UK by planting native trees in North Yorkshire. Parent company CCL Industries, set ambitious targets, net-zero waste to landfill by 2030 to bridge the gap while we work on this and make the leap, we chose Make it Wild. 2020 – tC02 = 120 Tonnes (Boeing 757)
  • Annually we will invite customers to Make It Wild UK locations, they offer wellbeing activities as well, which for us is just as important.  As we all now how exhausting producing events can be. Getting back to and protecting our outdoor event space.
  • Year on year reductions in our carbon emissions will not stop us planting trees in North Yorkshire. We will commit to that…

Trimming the fat through the events supply chain, from the caterer’s food wastage composted, paperless ticketing, promoting car shares and public transport to renewable energy … all extremely valid and at the crux of embracing sustainable event organisation. For the punters going to these events the one thing they can take with them apart from memories are their lanyard or wristband. Upcycled, worn for length of time as trophy, kept as tokens or lanyards reused on a bunch keys. Our rPET fabric is made from plastic bottles and our bamboo fabric is extremely soft and hygienic for the wearer.

It’s a myth that Eco and sustainable options are more expensive, when you look at the circular economy of an event such as time and resource needed for abandoned tent retrieval and disposal at Glastonbury (take them home with you people!) to the food & drink packaging in Wembley’s stands after a match, whether it’s passing on costs to attendees for “take-home” drinks vessels or donating tents to charity after an event; everybody has a part to play, providers and punters alike.

We’re looking at pull event waste and by-product into the recycling stream for our products and have some very interesting developments, we’ll tell everyone about later in the year. 

Our Eco Ranges as they stand from both ID&C & Identilam’s eco range popularity has increased rapidly since 2019. So, challenge us and our products to match your events sustainable responsibilities and credentials. 

ID&C is a sponsor of TheTicketingBusiness Forum, the worlds No.1 B2B ticketing business meeting, which will take place from July 7-8, 2022 at Emirates Old Trafford, Manchester.