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Project Admission acquires SplitSeason Tickets

Project Admission, a technology company specialising in digital ticketing solutions for sport and entertainment, has acquired web-based platform SplitSeason Tickets.

SplitSeason Tickets offers professional sports teams and their season ticket-holders a way to find new ticket partners, as well as the ability to share and distribute their tickets easily.

Through the acquisition, Project Admission now includes Major League Baseball (MLB) teams in its roster. Current SplitSeason clients include San Francisco Giants, Boston Red Sox, Minnesota Twins and St. Louis Cardinals.

Additional clients include National Hockey League (NHL) sides Pittsburgh Penguins and Minnesota Wild.

The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Beginning with a Tickets(.com) integration, Project Admission will be able to offer SplitSeason Tickets to its clients. It will join existing tools such as digital storefronts and bulk distribution. SplitSeason Tickets helps holders manage their tickets, keep track of which partners have which tickets, create listings to find new partners and a fantasy-sports-like draft system to distribute season plans among partners.

SplitSeason Tickets founder Dan Bartlett said: “I started SplitSeason Tickets to make it easier to share my own season tickets. I knew first-hand that season ticket holders really want to keep their seats if they can.

“The sports teams I’ve partnered with over the years understand the value of these loyal customers and how SplitSeason Tickets can help them renew. I’m confident that Project Admission is the ideal group to write the platform’s next chapter.”

Russ Stanley, senior vice-president of ticketing and ticket sales and service for the San Francisco Giants, added: “After successfully using SplitSeason Tickets over the last 12 years, we’re thrilled to have Project Admission take the baton and run with it.

“We look forward to seeing how Project Admission can continue innovating SplitSeason as a must-have platform for any team that wants to meet the needs of their season ticket holders while also bringing new fans in.”

The acquisition follows the news that MLB gave three teams permission to debut Project Admission’s ticket distribution platform, including the Cincinnati Reds, Houston Astros and Tampa Bay Rays.

Project Admission also announced partnerships with a number of soccer clients including Minnesota United, Austin FC and Houston Dynamo and more.

Image: Joshua Peacock on Unsplash