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CTS Eventim brings 5G to German festivals

CTS Eventim is bringing 5G coverage to three of its festivals in Germany thanks to a partnership with O2 Telefónica.

The telecommunications group will provide each of the venues of the Southside, Deichbrand and Highfield festivals with blanket 4G/LTE coverage and, for the first time, with its 5G network, including on the powerful 3.6 GHz frequency band.

The partners said this will enable festivalgoers to use their smartphones to share their experience with family and friends via live streaming on social media no matter where they happen to be.

CTS Eventim and O2 Telefónica agreed a partnership in the area of live entertainment back at the start of 2020, but this had been partially suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“When tens of thousands of people come together, as they do at our open-air festivals, network coverage has always been a challenge in the past,” said Dr Frithjof Pils, managing director of Eventim Live.

“We are delighted that by offering 5G for the first time, O2 is providing our festival fans with a very special service and real added value.

“O2 and CTS Eventim are also working on other product and service innovations that we’re already greatly looking forward to implementing. This long-standing partnership also highlights the value of CTS Eventim’s assets for major brands. On this basis, we aim to massively grow Eventim Brand Connect in the near future.”

The Killers are headlining Southside Festival in Neuhausen ob Eck in June, with Deichbrand taking place in July and Highfield Festival near Leipzig in August featuring Limp Bizkit.

Fans who are unable to be there in person can watch the official live stream for free and without access restrictions on O2’s German website. The site also offers concert highlights of selected artists and bands as free on-demand videos in HD.

Michael Falkensteiner, director of brand & marketing communications at O2 Telefónica Germany, said: “After more than two years, festivals are back, and we are finally able to take our partnership with CTS Eventim to the next level.

“We, as one of the leading mobile telecommunications brands, and CTS Eventim, as one of the leading live entertainment providers, are combining forces to present O2 customers and all music lovers with outstanding moments. Whether it’s in person at the event, virtually via free live streaming or in the form of a video-on-demand concert.

“For us, this is another step in the process of evolving our core brand into a superbrand that sets us apart from our competitors and is both relevant and eye-catching.”

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