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Logitix appoints former Tessitura CEO as strategic advisor

Live event ticketing technology and analytics provider Logitix has announced its intention to expand its performing arts division, and has appointed co-founder and former chief executive of Tessitura Network Jack Rubin as a strategic advisor. 

The performing arts division will aim to help theatres optimise pricing, distribution and inventory management of tickets. 

As the co-founder and former CEO of Tessitura Network, Rubin has extensive experience with enterprise CRM, ticketing, marketing, fundraising and analytics for theatres, arts centres, operas, festivals, dance companies and orchestras. 

After co-founding Tessitura in 2001, Rubin held the position of CEO until he stepped down during a planned transition in 2021. Tessitura started as a two-person organisation with two licence holders, but has grown to be utilised by over 725 companies in 10 different countries. 

Logitix president Greg Nortman said: “Jack is an absolute icon in our industry and will be an essential part of our continued growth in the performing arts.

“As the most trusted solution for optimising ticket sales, we look forward to helping even more live events within the performing arts industry.”

Rubin added: “I recognise that Logitix has the technology, data, and analytics expertise tied to sales distribution channels that can produce considerable revenue for the performing arts sector. 

“What they bring are new sales channels for these organisations. They are clearly building something special in the world of ticketing and I’m thrilled to be part of the journey.”