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Women’s Euro boasts 500,000 ticket sales 

A record-breaking 500,000 tickets have been sold for the UEFA Women’s Euro, which kicks off on Wednesday.

The half a million tickets that have already been sold have been purchased by football fans across 99 countries. Some 20% of ticket purchases were made outside of the host nation, England.

The tickets have been purchased by fans supporting the other 15 participating national teams, as well as from North America, China and Australia.

Strongest demand came from fans in England, followed by the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and France.

While 500,000 sales is a record-breaking achievement, there are roughly 700,000 tickets available for the entire tournament, meaning the tournament is yet to sell out.

Some 43% of ticket purchases have been made by female fans, while 21% of orders have been made for children under the age of 16.

Any tickets that become available, including for the knockout stage, will be released on the tournament’s ticketing platform.

The 500,000 ticket sales are almost double the amount for the previous tournament, which was held in the Netherlands in 2017.

England will open the tournament with a match against Group A opponent Austria at Old Trafford in Manchester on Wednesday.

Image: CeeGee/ CC BY-SA 4.0/ Edited for size