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NFTs, ticketing solutions and streaming

Web3 and ticketing solution provider Revuto is offering lifetime digital subscriptions for entertainment streaming platform Netflix and music streaming platform Spotify, via a non-fungible token (NFT) solution. 

Revuto will offer the subscriptions via its Revulution NFT and a total of 10,000 users will be able to secure the unique subscription model. 

Dino Ivankovic, head of business development at Revuto, told cryptocurrency news outlet Cointelegraph: “We aim to bring more control to the end-user. NFT technology will allow users to monetise their unused subscriptions by sending or selling them to others who will be using them. Users might be able to even rent it in the future.”

The subscription NFTs can also be traded on crypto exchanges, which is allowing for the growth of a secondary market for this type of NFT.  Once the NFT is purchased by another, the old user’s digital debit card will be cancelled and the new owner would be provided with a new digital debit card.  

Revuto hopes that by introducing further subscription-based services through its NFT solutions, it could end unwanted subscription charges. 

Image: freestocks on Unsplash