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Former UK Theatre executive director launches data-driven consultancy

David Brownlee, the former UK Theatre executive director, has launched Data Culture Change, a data-driven consultancy to help the cultural sector maximise its use of data. 

Planned products for the new consultancy include catchment analysis, data-led reviews, big data analysis, bespoke consulting, sales review and training, product development and benchmarking. 

The consultancy began operating in May and is already working with cultural organisations in the UK on data-led projects. 

Brownlee said: “In recent years I’ve seen first-hand how the effective use of data can transform the financial resilience of cultural organisations.

“At Data Culture Change we want to work with current and emerging leaders who understand that there is still much more to be done to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy and create arts and culture.

“Most cultural organisations are still not reflective of the communities they serve. We believe that the effective use of data will be essential if the sector is ever to become truly and demonstratively representative and inclusive.”

A number of associates have started working with Brownlee and Data Culture Exchange including Thanh Sinden, who works in organisational dynamics and partnership development for equality, diversity and inclusion and Charlotte Wilson, an experienced researcher. 

Plans are also being developed for a Leaders for Culture Change programme next year with coach and strategist Anita Hansen, and artist, product, entrepreneur and activist Nyasha Daley. 

Brownlee added: “Partnership and continuous learning are core values for the new venture. I’m delighted to be working with and learning from such incredibly talented and diverse professionals who share a commitment to supporting meaningful change.

“As well as understanding the scale of the challenge for the sector, they appreciate the daily pressures that make delivering change hard. We’d love to hear from and work with any organisation that shares our vision of a thriving and equitable cultural sector.”

Image: Kilyan Sockalingum on Unsplash