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Bristol Rovers changes season ticket plans following supporter feedback

English League One football club Bristol Rovers has altered its approach to season tickets ahead of the new season, after supporters complained about the new digital-only initiative.

The club was set to adopt digital-only season tickets meaning fans would no longer receive a physical season card, but would instead be emailed a ticket before each game.

However, fans were unhappy with the switch to completely digital, with the club now admitting that there were issues with the system.

Rovers will now offer new season ticket holders the choice between a physical or digital season ticket, while existing holders that have not changed stand or category will automatically have their cards from last season re-loaded. Those that did change category or stand have also been given the choice.

In a statement, Bristol Rovers said that many supporters had contacted the club at the end of last season about the possibility of a digital season ticket. It was trialled on a match-by-match basis and worked well, according to the club.

Rovers added: “Having researched this option thoroughly and, assessing all options and how they work elsewhere, we felt confident that we could move over to an e-season ticket in this coming season and work this alongside the current system of season cards and match-by-match sales; this was a blend of what we had seen from others and a process we felt could work across our fanbase. We also felt that this was a more environmentally-friendly means of getting supporters into the stadium.”

However, the club said there had been some “unforeseen issues”.

The statement continued: “Initially, when the stadium was set-up for the new season, a subtle change had been made to the mapping and the data in the back-end of the site. This has meant that some of those renewing their season tickets were treated as a new purchaser and not as a renewing season ticket-holder, which led to the incorrect issue of e-tickets for some supporters.

“In addition, in hindsight, a one-size-fits-all approach was not suitable for the diverse nature of our fanbase as we appreciate that you all have varying needs. We are also aware that there was some confusion from supporters who had paid for postage but then received their season ticket via e-mail.”

The postage fee was charge as season ticket holders are still due to receive packs in the post. This was initially set up as a free membership last year but was extended to all season ticket holders, whether they have a physical card or e-season ticket.

Bristol Rovers said it had been working with its partners Ticketmaster and Fortress to address the concerns raised by fans, meaning they will now have the option.

Image: Sandro Schuh on Unsplash