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Ticketmaster releases statistics following Bruce Springsteen ticket pricing anger

Ticketmaster has released statistics about costs and percentages following fans’ anger over ticket prices for Bruce Springsteen’s tour.

Last week, the first set of tickets went on sale for Springsteen’s US tour, with some Platinum seats costing almost $5,000 (£4,000/€5,000) for a mid-arena seat due to high demand from fans driving up the price. Ticketmaster utilises dynamic pricing for some of its premium seats.

Ticketmaster told Variety that Platinum tickets only account for 11.2% of the overall tickets sold. This means that the remaining 88.2% sold at a fixed price, ranging from $59.50 to $399 before added fees.

The ticketing company also said that the average price of all tickets sold so far is $262, with 56% being sold for under $200 face value. Ticketmaster has further claimed that only 1.3% of tickets so far have sold for more than $1,000.

Ticket on-sales for Springsteen’s US tour are being staggered over 10 days and Ticketmaster has released these statistics so that fans are not dissuaded. Some 56% of tickets were sold for less than $200, while 18% sold for under $99 and 27% went for between $100-$150. A further 11% were sold for between $150-$200.

Ticketmaster describes platinum tickets as “premium tickets made available by artists and event organisers through Ticketmaster. They give fans safe and fair access to some of the most in-demand tickets in the house at market-driven prices”.

Image: JolandaBakker/CC BY-SA 3.0/Edited for size