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Tokyo Disney Resort operators consider pricing changes

Tokyo Disney Resort could be switching up its ticketing plans to aid a reduction in visitor numbers during holidays and weekends, in order to make the resort more enjoyable.

Operator Oriental Land Company, which operates the resort that includes Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, said it is considering changing its price range as part of its variable admission system.

The company could lower admission fees during off-peak periods and raise prices at weekends and during busy periods like the summer season, in order to control the number of visitors.

The two theme parks introduced an unfixed admission system in March 2021 and expanded this the following October.

A one-day pass for adults costs between 7,900 yen ($60/£49/€48) and 9,400 yen, with fees set at four levels. Admission is higher during peak visiting times but is lower during the off-season to help control the number of visitors.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, tickets were converted to include date-specific entry. Daily visitors to Tokyo Disney Resort are currently restricted to around 50% compared to pre-pandemic times.

The restriction will gradually be relaxed but it is not known to what extent.

Annual passes were suspended due to the pandemic, and a new type of pass went on a limited sale in March. This pass allowed up to six visits but was limited to a weekday.

Image: Lochlainn Riordan on Unsplash