Jackson Wang tickets listed by scalpers for six times the price

Tickets for a concert from Chinese singer Jackson Wang are being sold for up to six times more than the retail price through an online marketplace.

According to news outlet AsiaOne, tickets from Wang’s Team Wang showcase sold out on the day they were released. The performance is set to take place at Singapore’s Marquee nightclub.

Tickets for the K-pop star’s performance are now listed on online marketplace Carousell, with some listings coming in at six times the price. Tickets were originally priced at S$60 (£36/$44/€43) for women, S$80 for men and S$200 for a speedy entry pass. Carousell now shows listings for tickets that cost S$300 up to S$500.

However, Marquee Singapore reiterated its policy on resale tickets on social media, and said that resold tickets could present issues for entry.

A post said: “We would like to remind Team Wang records (Human Remix) ticket holders that tickets may not be resold or offered for resale. If tickets are sold or used in breach of this condition, tickets may be cancelled without a refund, and we reserve the right to decline tickets that have been obtained through these resellers.

“Online tickets are currently sold out and we urge fans not to purchase tickets from unauthorised sellers. Limited tickets will be available at the door on the day of the event. Thank you.”

Image: wjs852/CC BY 4.0/ Edited for size