Artist-fan platform Planet has launched an Access-All-Areas (AAA) digital pass to create a customised experience for fans around content, tickets and merchandise.

Planet was soft launched late last year and focuses on how artists can be engaged with their fans and reward them for their support and input. Planet is a multi-channel platform where artists can create and control fan-friendly experiences, and through the use of the new digital pass, artists can offer fans immediate access to new music, tours or drops before, during and after shows.

British band Hot Chip were among the first acts to utilise the new AAA digital pass, and have presented fans with early access to new music, and upcoming UK and European tours.

K-pop girl group Everglow also adopted the pass and were able to see the top 20 cities where Planet pass holders wanted to see them live. This offers insights into where future gigs should be held, favourite songs and also preferences on merchandise in each market.

Planet has worked with music management companies such as Verdigris, East City, Modest Management and Everybody’s to develop how artists interact with fans.

Thanks to mobile digital wallets on Apple or Android devices, artists can also send geo-targeted push notifications, deliver tickets, rewards and access to NFC capability, with the Planet platform powering the insights behind this.

Sam Denniston, managing director of Verdigris and manager of Hot Chip, said: “I have been highly impressed by what Planet is offering to artists and their fan bases. The directness of the platform is remarkable and what this unlocks for artists is a very exciting innovation for the industry whilst being something fans can adopt easily.”

Dominic Joseph, chairman of Planet, added: “For too long, artists have had restricted access to their own fans and as a result have had to settle for one-way transactional relationships, whereas other cutting-edge companies create higher value experiences through long term reciprocal relationships.

“This is a huge opportunity for artists to address given the level of fandom they have but right now don’t have the tools to do this – planet is here to help them make this step into the future.”

Image: Pien Muller on Unsplash