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Ed Sheeran’s Stade de France shows benefit from TixNGo solution 

Ed Sheeran’s sold-out performances at the Stade de France, as part of his ‘+-=÷x’ world tour, saw the successful roll-out of the Tixngo solution on a large scale.

Over 176,000 fans enjoyed the performances from the British singer last weekend, with Sheeran and his management team making sure ticketing was as safe and secure as possible. With the Stade de France already partnering with Secutix, Sheeran’s team also opted to utilise Tixngo.

All general tickets were sold as mobile tickets with no paper option, and were accessed through a Stade de France branded app powered by Tixngo.

The ticket purchaser’s mobile was required to buy tickets and the number was used to verify their identity when tickets were made available in the app. The buyer then had to provide a document to prove their identity such as a driving licence, passport or ID card before being granted access to their tickets.

Ticket-holders then had to download the app on their phone and easily transfer tickets to friends and family if they were purchasing tickets for others. The day before the concert the tickets were released into the system so that fans could download and add the tickets to their wallet.

Tixngo prevents fraud by utilising the security of blockchain technology and creates a unique, encrypted and traceable ticket that is verified and removes the risk of counterfeit tickets. The QR code changes frequently so that it cannot be screenshot or sold to another person.

If there is any suspicion concerning fraud, event organisers can cancel a ticket at any time. Ticket sales were restricted to six per person and only one phone per ticket could be used on the day of the concert. Resale of Sheeran tickets could only be conducted through the Stade de France’s customer services to protect against sales at inflated prices.

The Tixngo solution was integrated with the stadium’s wider ecosystem, which includes Secutix’s ticketing engagement platform, S-360.

Marie Chalhoub, director of concert programming and ticketing at the Stade de France, said: “Through this unique project, the Stade de France is once again demonstrating its ability to innovate in order to secure the ticketing of events. Conducting such a project on the scale of the Stadium is a great first in France and a challenge that we are happy to have taken up alongside Ed Sheeran, Olympia Production, and Secutix.”

Christian Binelli, Secutix chief operating officer, added: “The secure mobile wallet is incredibly effective at addressing the black market. There were no issues on either of the two nights with fake tickets, entry to the stadium ran smoothly and the feedback from those attending was overwhelmingly positive about how easy it was to use the mobile tickets. We’re delighted that the solution helped Ed Sheeran’s fans enjoy a safe, speedy and seamless ticketing experience.”

Images: Courtesy of Tixngo/Secutix