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The Nederlander Organization acquires TixTrack

The Nederlander Organization has announced its acquisition of digital ticketing solutions company, TixTrack.

Following the acquisition, TixTrack will continue to be operated by its co-founders Steven Sunshine and Michael Arya, and chief technology officer Mike Ripberger. Sean Free, who is currently the vice-president of sales and ticketing at Nederlander, will also join the executive team as chief operating officer.

TixTrack works with cultural organisations and special attractions, as well as theatres, museums, immersive experiences and timed-entry attractions.

James L. Nederlander, president of The Nederlander Organization, said: “I am proud to welcome TixTrack to the Nederlander family of companies. I look forward to working with Steven, Michael and Mike to advance their vision as we continue to work together to further develop and deepen the guest experience at Nederlander Theatres.”

TixTrack has a corporate office in Los Angeles but also has affiliated offices in London, Sydney and Wellington.

Nick Scandalios, executive vice-president, The Nederlander Organization, said: “Nederlander has collaborated with TixTrack over the past ten years to enhance and develop its products.

“The acquisition of the company is a natural next step. Nederlander will also continue working with Ticketmaster, the organisation’s long-time ticketing partner, to further improve its global ticketing operations. ”

Steven Sunshine, chief executive officer, TixTrack, added: “TixTrack is thrilled to join forces with The Nederlander Organization to continue our pursuit of ticketing solutions that are highly optimised for these markets.

“The deep knowledge that Nederlander brings to the needs of the venue owner and promoter, and their own commitment to consumers and customer satisfaction is a natural extension of the journey TixTrack started 14 years ago.”

Image: Rob Laughter on Unsplash