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Daft Punk-inspired VR event introduced in LA

A Daft Punk-inspired virtual reality (VR) event featuring music from the electronic duo’s album ‘Random Access Memories’ was launched in Los Angles yesterday (Thursday). 

The VR event features a number of DJs performing tracks from the album alongside 360-degree visuals powered by a VR dome and live circus performers. The show takes place at the 12,000-capacity immersive art and music venue Wisdome, and has two more planned performances today (Friday) and tomorrow (Saturday).

The show is named ‘Contact’ and performances take place inside a 3D LED cube stage, which is similar to the set-up used by Daft Punk while performing on their ‘Alive 2007’ tour. 

Contact is described by ticketing platform Fever as a “multisensory dance party meets immersive space opera inspired by the legendary duo: Daft Punk”.

“This cutting-edge original narrative production works with an evolving roster of best-in-class DJs and multidisciplinary performers for the ultimate tribute to Daft Punk’s legacy. Join two DJ robots from the future on a journey through the cosmos.” 

Daft Punk split up in February last year and consisted of DJs Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. They had performed together for 28 years. 

Image: Fabio Venni/CC BY-SA 2.0/Edited for size