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Ticketmaster teams up with TikTok

Ticketmaster has teamed up with video sharing platform TikTok to create an in-application feature to enable fans to purchase tickets without having to come out of the app.

Creators like comedians, music artists, sports teams, theatre productions and venues will be able to add event links to allow fans to buy tickets there and then.

Some of the artists that have already signed up to use the feature include Demi Lovato, OneRepublic, Backstreet Boys and Usher. Wrestling and entertainment WWE has also signed up to utilise the ticketing feature.

A creator can record a TikTok video, add a link and choose Ticketmaster as an option and then add their own event. Fans and followers will then be able to click on the posted video and link and purchase tickets for the creator’s event through the in-app browser.

Earlier this year, Ticketmaster debuted a similar partnership with social media platform, Snapchat.

A Ticketmaster spokesperson told AdWeek: “This partnership brings together the world’s largest ticket marketplace and TikTok’s more than one billion monthly active users. It will empower event organisers and creators to reach ticket buyers in a whole new way.

“Ticketmaster is continually improving how fans discover the events they love on the platforms that mean the most to them, giving fans a streamlined way to buy tickets. Ticketmaster wants to meet fans where they are and, right now, so many of them are on TikTok.”

Image: Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash