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True Tickets introduces rules-based ticket sharing 

Digital ticketing service True Tickets has launched rules-based ticket sharing, which will allow event organisers to create and assign rules related to the sharing of digital tickets.

More specifically, for True Ticket’s Tessitura Network clients, this will create a chain of custody for each ticket, making the enforcement of terms and conditions much easier.

Once set by each venue, the terms of rules-based ticket sharing are automatically enforced from when the ticket is issued through to when it is scanned at the event. Initial rules can be implemented like if a ticket can be shared, if it can be re-shared, and if the original ticket buyers must maintain a live ticket in their wallet.

Purchased tickets can also be time-fenced and feature dynamic QR codes to help prevent scalping.

True Tickets works with organisations using the Tessitura Network platform but is also in conversation with further partners in the arts, sport and media.

“We‘ve been operating successfully at scale for nearly two years, delivering nearly two million tickets for marquee clients in the US and the UK,” said True Tickets chief executive Matt Zarracina.

“With rules-based ticket sharing, we continue to deliver innovative solutions that solve critical problems for our clients — in this case, the shadow audience. It’s also important to note that our service is built to provide efficiency and transparency in ticketing industry-wide. Rules-based ticket sharing is a foundational first step to developing a rules-based marketplace infrastructure capability — something we are now exploring with our clients and partners.”

Tessitura chief strategy officer Erin Lively Koppel added: “Preventing ticket fraud is an ongoing challenge for many arts and culture organisations. This new functionality gives venues more oversight of the digital tickets they sell. We’re pleased our partnership with True Tickets allows us to provide this enhanced security to our shared customers.”

Image: Kilyan Sockalingum on Unsplash