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Bandsintown launches fan engagement suite

Bandsintown, a discovery engine for live music and events, has launched a new fan engagement suite on its Bandsintown for Artists platform.

The free CRM tools will give artists the ability to build and engage with their audience and sell more tickets. Artists will also be able to own fan data, build mailing lists, grow their Bandsintown following, promote shows, music, merchandise and more.

The new Fan Management Suite is built on top of Brandsintown’s discovery engine, which uses algorithms to push established and new artists’ events and profiles to millions of live music fans based on their tastes.

New capabilities will include a drag-and-drop email builder; widgets and sign-up forums to gather and own first-party data; a dashboard to import, export and manage the fan relationship; posts and push notifications to engage with fans; and analytics to identify superfans and measure the impact of marketing efforts.

Co-founder and managing partner of Bandsintown, Fabrice Sergent, said: “There is no sustainable future for artists without the ability to own their first party data.

“Reaching fans is getting harder than ever as social algorithms become more unpredictable, web cookies disappear and platforms come and go. That’s why having a direct connection to fans is critical for artists. Bandsintown is the best companion to help our 560,000 artists superserve their most engaged fans, the concertgoers.”

Indie folk band The Head And The Heart utilised Bandsintown’s Fan Management Suite tools to gain first-party data from over 4,000 fans.

Matt Shay, manager of the band, added: “Bandsintown’s Fan Management Suite was so helpful in launching our 2022 tour. It allowed us to interact with fans in a new way by collecting emails and phone numbers, which was vital for tour exposure, pre-sale reminders, and first-week ticket sales. Bandsintown also helped us run contests that boosted our following and let us collect even more contacts.”

The platform has also launched Bandsintown for Artists Playbooks, which provides strategies for artists to grow their audience. Topics can range from fan growth through to tour promotion, merchandise sales and more.

Image: Colin Lloyd on Unsplash