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EventsFrame launches new NFT ticketing platform

EventsFrame, an NFT (non-fungible token) ticketing platform for live sporting events, music festivals and conferences, has launched a new-look NFT ticketing platform. 

The company has already worked with the likes of social media platform TikTok, TEDx events and AppEvents. Now, it is looking to open up new opportunities to improve the experience of event goers while improving monetisation options for event organisers and sponsors. 

EventsFrame has introduced the new NFT ticketing platform so that it can be used by everyone. NFT tickets not only provide an extra level of security but can also serve as a digital collectible. EventsFrame will also focus on digital merchandise, offering another revenue stream for events organisers and venues. 

Pavel Helstyn, head of business development at EventsFrame, said: “Imagine your typical championship game or your favourite show where visitors will buy physical goods such as scarfs, mugs, magnets.

“I just visited Back to the Future last week where I bought some of those goodies. In the future, visitors will buy this in the digital format as NFTs to showcase on social media, and in their virtual [and] physical world.

“Personal virtual ‘trophy rooms’ will represent where you’ve been and most importantly your treasured memories. We launched our first version of NFT ticketing last week and we’re working hard to bring value and utility to this area which is typically still very hard to understand to the uncommitted. 

“Our biggest mission is to popularise this concept with the industry.”

Image: ActionVance on Unsplash