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College games affected by outage from ticketing tech provider

Ticketing, fundraising and marketing solutions provider for college athletics, Paciolan, suffered an outage over the weekend, affecting a number of college football games in the US.

The issue left many fans across the country unable to download digital tickets onto their smartphones for several hours.

The outage also forced secondary marketplace StubHub to suspend sales until it was resolved.

Paciolan is one the largest primary ticketing companies in college athletics and counts 125 clients in this field, according to the company.

Colleges including Nebraska University, Georgia Tech, University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, University of Pittsburgh, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), University of Wisconsin, University of Michigan and the University of Cincinnati all experienced problems with digital tickets.

Fans tried to download tickets but encountered issues on Saturday morning before StubHub and colleges reported that Paicolan’s system was back up and running in the late afternoon.

Stadiums and arenas utilised by college athletics departments have mostly made the switch to digital ticketing. Ticket-holders were sent emails so that they had proof of admission for entry, and were advised to go to the ticket office for further assistance if it was needed.

On Saturday, Georgia Tech tweeted: “Georgia Tech’s online ticketing partner, Paciolan, is experiencing nationwide issues with their platforms, which is not allowing some ticket-holders to access their tickets at this time.”

University of Oklahoma also tweeted: “We are currently experiencing an issue w/ our ticket provider and at this time fans are not able to access tickets on the OU Sooners App and online account portal.”

Image: Geoff Scott on Unsplash